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Welcome to Chicagoland Carpet Repair, where you can bring any carpet issue you have. Whether you’re as far north as Waukegan or down south in Joliet, you’re covered.

Expect quick scheduling, A+ quality work and excellent customer service. Plus, know your work is backed up with our Money Back Guarantee.

Below are some carpet repair examples :

Before and After Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching

Here is an example of pet damage fixed with carpet patching. Not only is this damage unsightly, but it will get worse if left alone.

Good thing customer called us right away and let us take some carpet from her closet to get this repaired before anyone tripped or her dog got restless again.

Click here to learn more about our carpet patching or just contact us. We are happy to go over anything with you.

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Before and After Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching

It’s likely, at some point, you’ll notice waves, wrinkles or bumps in your carpet because that’s what happens when carpet gets loose. And carpet gets loose, it’s just a matter of time. After a few years of normal living room use, this customer’s carpet got loose enough to develop this ripple right down the middle of it.

Rather than just live with it, make vacuuming an extra pain and damage carpet beyond repair by letting the ripple stay there, he called us and we stretched his carpet right back into place in about an hour.

There’s a variety of reasons of why carpet gets loose sooner or later, but key is knowing carpet stretching can always be performed. To learn more about carpet stretching, go here or reach out to us.

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Before and After Stair Replacement

Misc Carpet Repairs

Sometimes carpet repairs are more complex than just straight forward patching and stretching. Or they are just completely different, like when you need carpet padding replaced or need some work done at a carpet transition where you just installed new tile.

This customer came to us because she needed to do something about her stairs, but didn’t have any extra carpet for patchwork and couldn’t afford to replace her whole staircase. After discussing situation with her, she purchased a non-matching piece of carpet on clearance at the store good enough to replace her entire closet, which enabled us to use her original closet carpet for the stair replacement she needed.

For more examples and information about other types of carpet repair, go here. Or again, please feel free to just reach out to us.

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