Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Carpet patching is much easier than carpet replacement. And much cheaper. If you need to get rid of some carpet damage, like a stain that won’t clean out, or need to fill in an area missing carpet, a carpet patch is your best option. 

Below are some carpet patching examples and all the information you need to know about carpet patching in general. If you’d prefer to learn about carpet patching while discussing with us, contact us anytime.

Above, you’ll notice quite a good looking patch. Luckily, this customer had plenty of carpet for us to work with and their carpet was only about a year old.

The older your carpet is, the more wear and tear plus sun fading it has. Because this carpet was only about a year old, you see only a slight color difference between the patch we added and the carpet we patched to.

Typically, carpet patches are visible due to color difference between existing carpet and carpet used to perform patchwork. The less color difference there is, the less noticeable your patch will be.

Will Carpet Patching Work for You?

First thing to figure out is what carpet you will provide for patchwork. Hopefully, you have some leftovers from original installation. If not, that’s okay.

Carpet can be taken from anywhere you will not miss it, which is usually an area like the back of a closet. A bare spot will be left where carpet is taken from. If you can not leave a bare spot anywhere, that’s okay too.

Luckily, most carpet stores sell carpet remnants nowadays. If your damaged area is small, you might be able to find a large carpet sample piece to use. About a couple inches of overhang on each side of the damaged area is needed in order to cut in the undamaged carpet nice and tight. Sometimes more than one remnant can be used per damaged area, but those tiny carpet samples given out can not be used to build a remnant.

If you can’t find a remnant good enough to use directly in your damaged area, you are still in luck. Get something good enough to perform a swap with. Some folks opt to do this anyway to get best matching patch possible.

After figuring out what carpet to provide, the process is easy. Set up an appointment with us and we’ll take care of the rest!