Thursday, February 20, 2020

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With carpet stretching, you add years of life to your carpet easily. You avoid hassle and costs of replacing your carpet too. If your carpet is loose, you should get it stretched as soon as possible.

Look below for examples and further information about how stretching might be the best solution for you. Feel free to contact us anytime if you prefer discussing.

Carpet Stretching

This set of before and after pictures show how an improper installation will cause formations in your carpet and how getting your carpet stretched into place makes a whole room look so much better.

When an installer fails to take the time and install your carpet properly, it looks bad right away and sets you up to damage your carpet thoroughly. If you walk in and out of your closet with those ripples in the middle of your doorway as the picture shows, you will inevitably wear out your carpet right there.

Backing of a carpet is made to be flat. When you walk on any formations in your carpet, which are caused by your carpet being loose, you are breaking that backing down. Eventually, you will be left with permanent creases in your carpet or worse. Plus, vacuuming is a pain and you are living with a trip hazard, etc.

After we took the time to stretch and cut everything into place as it should be, you see door obstructions and tripping hazards gone. And an overall, really nice look to the room as everything is in its proper place.

What can be stretched and how does it work?

As long as your carpet is not glued down, it can be stretched. Some folks have their carpet stretched every so often in order to make sure it does not develop anything like wrinkles or bumps anywhere.

If you notice any part of your carpet not lying flat as it should, your carpet needs to be stretched most likely. Every so often, something like pad crumpling up underneath your carpet occurs, but you should fix this anyway for all the same reasons and stretching will be part of the repair work.

All it takes is clearing out the area as much as possible and an expert coming to take care of the work. We will gladly move whatever you prefer to have us move, as long as it can be moved, too if you’d like.

Sometimes there is something like an unmovable piano in the room where ripples are. In cases like this, we will just stretch away from stationary object.

We use a power stretcher as much as possible to perform stretching work because anything less is unprofessional as the industry standard is to install carpet using a power stretcher. There are times when it is impossible to use a power stretcher, and only then is when we use a knee-kicker, also an industry standard.